Improving Fleets

You probably see our company vehicles all the time. But you may not see how much cleaner they’re becoming. The Coca-Cola Company, Keurig Dr Pepper and Pepsi have pledged to transition more vehicles to alternative fuels like biodiesels, electricity and natural gas. And we’ve been working to take more vehicles off the road entirely by increasing use of intermodal transportation like freight rail – reducing truck miles, fuel use and overall emissions.

Increasing Fuel Efficiency

America’s beverage companies are rapidly expanding the use of hybrid vehicles. Our fleets now boast the largest number of heavy-duty hybrid electric commercial trucks on the road. That’s helped us reduce CO2 emissions by up to 30% per vehicle.

Cutting back on water use

We’re not just getting more efficient at delivering our products, but at making them, too. Learn how we’ve reduced water use by 14% per unit over five years.

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Our Progress

Each of our all-electric vehicles saves 10 TONS of GHG emissions annually.

The beverage industry uses 1,700 vehicles powered by alternative fuels and advanced hybrid technologies.

Each new or retrofitted hybrid truck reduces emissions by up to 30%.


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